Introducing Prospect Farms' CBD Drops for Dogs

Being a pet parent is all about constantly wanting to improve your furry best friend’s quality of life.

When they’re dealing with anxiety or stress, all you want to do is calm them down. If your dog lives with joint issues, you wish you could alleviate those issues. 

Much as you would research what products you’re putting in your body or the foods that you eat, it’s important to do our due diligence when it comes to what we give our four-legged friends.

We’re happy to have dog CBD drops available from Prospect Farms. Formulated to ease two common canine problems, you don’t have to worry about giving these mobility and calming drops to your pup.

Made in Maine

Made from organically-grown hemp in Prospect, Maine, you’ll have peace of mind with CBD pet products like these. Prospect Farms is a farm that’s actually been around for centuries, even though the brand was founded in 2018. 

Their 100% clean ingredients are grown from seeds and the entire manufacturing, packaging, and distribution process happens right there at the farm. There are no chemicals, fillers, or any of that artificial stuff thrown in! It’s always a great sign when you can pronounce the ingredients in a product that you’re feeding to your best friend. 

Nothing but Transparency

Prospect Farms CBD drops are 13 times tested and validated. They fully believe in being transparent about their products and offer results from third-party lab tests. That means that every flavor of the drops and every strength dosage relating to the size of dog has a downloadable Certificate of Analysis to go with it. It’s important that their product information is easily accessible to everyone.

This transparency and honesty is something that made Chief Brand Officer Brooke Shields take notice.

“I felt compelled to take the journey along with the team at Prospect Farms,” says Brooke. “Their commitment to only the highest standards, with complete transparency, is also what won me over. I want to do whatever I can to bring the true benefits of CBD, and the larger pool of cannabinoids within full-spectrum products, into the right conversations in order to help begin changing how we talk about it."

Flavors They’ll Love

Paw-fect for your pooch’s taste buds, both the dog calming drops and mobility drops come in three natural meat flavors. Bacon, chicken, and salmon are tastes they already know and love! If you’re looking for vegan drops, go for the safflower oil flavor - no meat flavoring included.

We know how difficult it can be to give something to your dog when the flavor isn’t appealing. With four flavors of drops available, choose what they’ll like best. You know them better than anyone else, after all!

Focused on the Benefits

These two formulations were created specifically to address the issues that many dogs endure.

Calming dog drops help reduce anxiety and stress, enabling your restless pup to relax. They may also lessen hyperactivity.

Great for older dogs or certain breeds that are known to have joint issues, the mobility drops help preserve joint mobility so your pooch can continue to be active. They may also diminish joint stiffness.

Whole-plant cannabinoids and naturally-derived terpenes make up these artisanal blends. Additionally, safflower oil provides much-needed omega-3 fatty acids to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

There’s no need to worry about your dog’s mobility issues or anxiety when you have the benefits of CBD in your side. Your canine deserves only the best organically grown ingredients to improve their well-being!

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