4 Hotels That Will Pamper Your Pets

Have you ever had to board your pet? If you like to travel, the answer is probably yes. While many of these facilities try their best to give your pet a happy and comfortable stay, the fact is that you aren’t there to supervise and make sure your fur babies are enjoying themselves. In an ideal world, you’d be able to bring your pets anywhere and everywhere you go, making sure that they enjoy the trip just as much as you do. 


Well, maybe you can.


All around the country, hotel chains are beginning to loosen their restrictions on pets. Though the numbers are a little fuzzy, the US Census Bureau found that nearly 50% of households owned a pet in 2016. Ultimately, private owners and hotel chains are realizing that becoming pet friendly is simply a good business decision. I mean, why cut out 50% of your customer base?

But, just being “pet friendly” isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. You’re on vacation, so why shouldn’t your pet be? In this article, we’ll explore four of the most popular pet-friendly hotels in the US that will absolutely pamper your pets. 

From treats and toys to beds and blankets, these hotels will leave your pets feeling as refreshed and relaxed as you do.

1. Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton pet friendly hotels and restaurants logo.

With seventy-six hotels across 48 cities in the United States, Kimpton Hotels are a great choice for you and your pet! 


At every hotel, all furry, scaly, and feathered friends are welcome to stay at no extra charge. With no size or weight restrictions or limits per room, these hotels are perfect for you and your pets. Each room includes plush bed loaners, food, water bowls, and mats for your pet’s comfort. Upon request, the concierge can also provide you with a list of all the nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers, and pet boutiques to visit during your stay.


Each room comes with door hangers to alert guests and staff when your pet is in the room, and at select hotels, pets are even allowed to join the party at nightly wine receptions.

The best part; they even have a few furry friends as directors of Pet Relations who may greet you and your pet from time to time at check-in! 

2. Affinia Hotels, New York

 he front of the Affina Gardens Hotel building in New York City.

Looking to book a stay in New York with your pet? With three locations in New York City, Affinia Hotels is pet-friendly and equipped to accommodate you and your pup during your stay. Each hotel offers a specially curated VIPaws pet program for the best care for your furry friend. The program includes access to a wide range of pet necessities and services, and even includes a $10 donation to the local Humane Society. 


At just $150, Affinia will provide you with food and water bowls, an oversized pet bed, the choice between three rope toys for dogs or a toy for your cat, and dog stairs if needed. The hotel will also provide you with a door hanger to alert staff and guests that your pet is in the room, as well as treats and a waste bag dispenser for dog walks!

3. The Paw House Inn, Vermont 

The front yard and entrance to The Paw House Inn dog resort in Vermont.


Located in Rutland, Vermont is the dream hotel for you and your pet. The Paw House Inn is a dog friendly hotel like no other and is specially designed for you and your pup’s ultimate stay. 


The Inn has eight beautiful rooms and suites as well as two country cottages for you and your fur babies to choose from. Nightly rates include all dog services and on-sight amenities, and requires no extra charge for up to two dogs per room. Not only is this hotel dog-friendly, but it’s also specially designed to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing stay for you and your furry friend. 


The Inn has no breed or size restrictions, and the hotel ensures that your stay is all about the pups; each room has a custom-built dog bed and is equipped with extra amenities for dog care. Well behaved dogs are welcome everywhere in the hotel (even at breakfast!). The hotel offers a dog watching service at Mario’s Playhouse, which includes one large indoor climate-controlled space per family, big enough to accommodate up to three large dogs. From 10am to 4pm, the playhouse will also walk and play with your pup while you’re out! 


The Inn has an off-leash dog park that spans half a football field in length and is completely fenced in. In case of emergencies, the Inn also has two local 24-hour local vet services on call at all times to keep your dog happy and healthy at all times! 

4. The Confidante, Miami Florida

 A beautiful pool with poolside seating shadowed by the fabulous Confidante Hotel in Miami.

If you and your pet are staying in Florida, The Confidante on Miami Beach is the perfect pet friendly location. 


This hotel offers a range of amenities for your pet, and even provides hotel-branded pet gear! With your stay, you will receive a guide for all nearby pet-friendly spots to check out. The hotel also has discounts on local pet-sitting and walking services, and will even provide a luxurious pet bed from Paw.com for maximum comfort for your pet. These amenities come at just a $100 deep-clean fee and The Confidante welcomes up to two pets, 50 pounds or lighter individually or 75 pounds combined! 


On top of all that, The Confidante has also partnered with Paw.com to include a PupRug™ dog bed in every pet friendly room. While you’re out there enjoying paradise, your pets will sleep and rest soundly on one of our human-grade memory foam dog beds. What’s not to love?


For more information about pet-friendly accommodations, visit the Paw.com Treat Blog. To learn more about our variety of dog beds and pet accessories, visit Paw.com.


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