6 Paw-some Pet Nonprofit Organizations

In honor of National Nonprofit Day, we wanted to shed some light on some of the wonderful pet nonprofit organizations that we support. Check them out below! 

1.) Protection For Paws

Protection 4 Paws

Protection For Paws is dedicated to raising money to supply police K-9s with the items needed to protect them while they protect us.

2.) Soldier's 6

Soldier's 6

Soldier's 6 is a nonprofit organization based in Minnesota. Their mission is to provide honorably discharged veterans and police officers with specially trained K-9s. The special dogs will help guide them through the difficult days in life.

3.) United In Rescue

United In Rescue

United in Rescue is a group made up of a collection of canine rescues and organizations. Their goal is to protect canines and educate others regarding the welfare of dogs. 

4.) Lulu's Locker Rescue

Lulu's Locker Rescue

Lulu's Locker Rescue is a volunteer-run, animal rescue working to help those animals who are consistently the most overlooked and misunderstood, including black cats and dogs, FIV+ cats, and senior/hospice animals.

5.) Golden Rescue South Florida

Golden Rescue South Florida

Golden Rescue South Florida (GRSF) is a nonprofit organization that was
founded in 1998 due to the large amount of unwanted dogs. Their mission is to help decrease the increasingly high rate of euthanasia at south Florida
animal shelters. The volunteer-based organization is dedicated to helping homeless Golden Retrievers in south Florida. 

6.) Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc. 

Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue

Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue, Inc. is a charitable organization whose primary mission is to give abandoned and surrendered Dobermans a second chance at finding a loving, safe and suitable forever home.

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written by

Katelyn Buck

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