Six Signs You’re a Dog Dad

Last month, we brought you the six signs that you’re a dog mom. Now, in honor of Father’s Day, it’s time to remember that Dads deserve their due, too. Here are the six signs that show you’re a fur-riffic dog dad.


1. You justify skipping leg day by giving your dog an extra-long walk.

dog man walk

We all know you don’t need the gym when you have a dog. They are your workout buddy, and it’s a great excuse to spend more quality time together.


2. Who needs an app? You have sometimes used your dog in order to meet people.

dog man womanYour dog is the absolute cutest one in the world, of course — so why not use those powers of cuteness to break the ice with new people? Your dog is also the best fur-son to let you know if maybe you shouldn’t talk to someone in particular.


3. Your dog has their own “pup cave” within your man cave.

dog bed Because your dog deserves it. You took the time to set up your perfect “me” space with the right furniture, lighting, and electronics, so your dog is getting their own with fancy bowls and a comfy bed!


4. You enjoy giving your dog presents for special occasions more than you do getting them yourself.

dog gift It’s that look of surprise and happiness your dog gets when you give them a surprise, whether it’s a treat or a new toy. It makes you happier than any present you could ever get.


5. Your dog has their own branded sports apparel for your favorite team — because it’s clearly their favorite team too, right?

dog jerseyYour dog knows the score. They may appear to not pay attention to the game at all, but they’re still watching from their pup cave and rooting for your side. They love to see you win.


6. Every time you come home to your dog’s excited greeting, you remember what it was like to be a kid when your dad came home.

dog soldierThose days may be long ago for you, but every time you come in the door and your dog jumps for joy and can’t contain themselves out of excitement, it’s like reliving your childhood again.


Pet parenthood can be very rewarding, but it’s extra-special for dog dads because of the long-lasting bond between humans and canines. No matter what, your dog understands you and will be there for you as your furry BFF. And, best of all, your dog will never roll their eyes at your dad jokes.

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