6 Signs You’re A Paw-some Pet Mom

Is your fur baby the coolest on the block? The one everyone stops to pet, ohhhh and awwww over? The one who is the delight of the neighborhood whenever spotted? If so, it’s because of YOU and all the amazing things you do for your pet. 


Being a pet parent is no easy task, so we want to take a moment to appreciate all the Pet Moms this Mother’s Day. Because let’s face it—you deserve it!


Here are 6 unmistakable signs that are sure to indicate you’re a Paw-some Pet Mom:


1. The photo library on your phone has more pics of your fur baby than anything else.



Why take pictures of the sunset when your pet is so much cuter?! If your photo library is packed with pictures of your pet doing anything and everything, you are officially fur mom status. Bonus points if your screensaver is also your fur baby! 


2. You spell out the word W-A-L-K in the presence of your pooch.





Just like a best friend can finish your sentences, your pooch can read your mind and understand your every word. The language barrier between you and your pooch does not exist. A pet knows their mom will give them a W-A-L-K when it’s their time. 


3. You rock pet hair like it’s an accessory.




Who has time to remove pet hair from their clothes when the next fur baby cuddle session is just moments away? Not you! Your fur baby love is no match for a lint roller. A paw-some pet mom takes pride in the pet hair stuck on her clothes.


4. You whip out your phone to show photos of your furry BFF to people you’ve literally just met.




Check it out! It’s my fur baby at the dog park, at a restaurant AND in the car! If your response to strangers asking to see your family is showing off your furry BFF, then you’re in the right place. A true paw-some pet mom doesn’t hesitate to show off their fur baby at any and every possible opportunity. 


5. You throw birthday parties for your loyal companion on their special day.




Treats, check. Party hats, check. Water bowls, check. Drop your leashes at the gate and let’s pawty! Celebrating your fur baby birthday isn’t a regular birthday party, it’s an epic event honoring your furry best friend. If your pet’s party outshines your actual birthday party, you’re a paw-some pet mom! 


6. You won’t date someone if they don’t LOVE your furry BFF.




Can your new boo pass the sniff test? Forget meeting the parents, it’s meeting the pet, and if the love isn’t there… it’s a no for me too! Your furry BFF will make room for the right one on the couch and will shower them with love if it’s the real thing. Always trust the instincts of your furry loved one when looking for a new companion. It’s a package deal! 


Being a Pet Mom is a very rewarding experience and if you’re doing any of these 6 signs, you have proven yourself to be a Paw-Some Pet Mom! Wear this badge of honor proudly at your next pooch party and don’t forget to hand out the treats you have in your pocket (we all have some) to a pet in need!


The next time your fur baby is stealing the spotlight, remember it’s all because of YOU! 


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