8 Reasons Why Dogs Make The Best Pets

The connection between humans and dogs is one of the strongest bonds around! If you're a dog parent, you probably already know just how awesome dogs are. They fill your life with unconditional love, loyalty, and, plenty to smile about. Here are just some of the amazing and adorable reasons why dogs make the best pets. 

1.) Dogs don’t complain about their bad days but smile through them

Happy Dog

2.) Dogs are always happy to see you when you walk in the door

dog happy to see owner

3.) They’re the best snuggle buddies

Doxie and Baby

4.) They would walk 500 miles (and 500 more) to see their humans

Black Labrador

Buck, a 3-year-old Labrador, traveled 500 miles to get back to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after his owner Mark Wessells left the pup with his father in Winchester, Virginia! That's dedication! 

5.) Having a dog in your family can actually help prevent your kids from developing allergies

Great Dane

In studies, the dust associated with dogs seemed to prompt an immune response against microbes that have been linked to asthma in kids. This basically means having a pooch protects from allergies

6.) Dogs can save your life

woman and dog

Dogs can actually detect cancer in their humans! In many studies, dogs have used their keen sense of smell to recognize differences between malignant tissue and normal tissue by detecting the chemicals released from the malignant tissue. One woman noticed her pup licking her right breast obsessively and when she went to the doctors, it was discovered she had breast cancer. 

7.) They make you laugh

It's hard not to crack a smile at this pup dancing to the music!

8.) They’re extremely grateful for the little things

dog birthday

This man ordered his dog, Lucy, a birthday cake thinking it would be a waste of money, but found that her reaction was worth every single penny!

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