Airport Service Dog Gets Honored With Paw-some Retirement Party


Gema, a bag-sniffing service dog, is retiring after serving as a loyal employee at the Orlando International Airport for nearly five years. In honor of her retirement, the airport threw her quite the retirement party. 


The airport posted the adorable celebratory activities on Twitter and from the looks of it, Gema had a great time. "We're celebrating the retirement of one of our most loyal and dedicated employees - & we're sending her off in style," the airport announced on its Twitter account.


Airport employees, including Gema's handler Eddie, and Gema's fellow K-9 besties were in attendance at the lavish sendoff party last week. The celebration had balloons, a "Happy Retirement!" banner and some sweet looking dog treats. Gema even got to wear a sparkling crown fit for a queen. 


As for her life after retirement, it seems pretty fabulous, too. According to the airport, the dog will be spending her golden years living with her handler, Eddie. The two have formed quite the bond. "In darkness, she is my eyes. She's my sister, my protection. When lonely, she lets me know I'm not," Eddie remarked on the close relationship between he and his four-legged pal. Congratulations Gema! If your retirement is anything like your retirement party, it's sure to be doggone awesome. 




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Katelyn Buck

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