Dog Missing For Days Found Stuck On Pile Of Wood In River


Credit: Jessica Barraza

No one knows quite how he got there, but a lost pit bull was discovered stranded on a big pile of branches in the middle of the Salinas River. The dog was discovered by a search party who was out searching for a man who may have drowned in Greenfield, California. 

The poor dog who seemed scared and confused was stuck for a few days. When a local animal rescuer, Jessica Barraza, heard about the dog's situation from a friend and fellow animal rescuer, she immediately went over with her friend to see how they could help. 

Credit: Jessica Barraza

The women tried making a makeshift bridge or ladder from branches for the dog to climb out, but he was too frightened to move. When that didn't work, Barraza cautiously climbed over to the dog and she and the other rescuers were able to successfully lift him back up to safety. 

Barraza told The Dodo that at first, she thought the dog was dumped off by people who no longer wanted him. However, that was far from the truth. "He had gotten loose and his family had been looking everywhere for him, driving around and posting on lost and found pages," Barraza said.

"How he ended up in the river is a mystery, but this dog definitely had angels watching over him," Baraza told The Dodo

Credit: Jessica Barraza

We couldn't agree more. It certainly seemed like the pup had angels watching over him. And when the grateful pup was reunited with his family who had missed him so dearly, there were smiles and tail wags all around. 


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