Find The Best Holiday Gifts For Pets & Pet Parents

Holiday shopping should be easier by now, shouldn’t it? Yet, each holiday season seems to leave more of us scratching our heads wondering how to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life.

Before settling on a fruit cake or another scented candle for those last few names on your gift list, consider the holiday cheer that comes with a thoughtful gift for their family pet. What’s more, gift shopping for pets fits with every family’s traditions, no matter how they celebrate the holidays. 


At, we believe pets are family and deserve to be treated like it! So we put together our Best of 2019 Holiday Pet Gift Guide to help you find a good-looking gift that will be appreciated by the whole family.

These gifts not only bring joy to pets all around, they keep pet parents happy knowing their home decor will be protected from messy pet accessories.


Just like humans, a dog’s happiness is intimately tied to how much rest they get. Consistent rest over the course of a typical lifespan can greatly improve a dog’s quality of life as well as soften the effects of hip and joint damage. 

Like every bed that designs, the PupRug™ Orthopedic Dog Bed is made with a dense, human-grade memory foam core and non-slip base that prevents sliding as dogs lie down to rest—it also ensures the bed will stay put where you want it. With many styles to choose from, it’s easy to see how options like the PupRug™ Faux Animal Print make a great family gift—memory foam and plush faux fur invite you to snuggle up with your pup! also features one-of-a-kind designs for modern families. Whether you are shopping for a pet with an on-the-go lifestyle or an on-the-couch lifestyle, the PupProtector ™ Waterproof Throw provides durable bedding where you need it. Say goodbye to the days of animal fur-lined couches and car seats with this chic throw.


And if you don't have much time left to shop, another great way to gift this season is with Gift Cards. Shop for friends, family and pets you love...but let pet parents do the choosing! These thoughtful gifts ship instantly, ensuring your gift is on time and always well-received.  


Storing pet food and treats usually goes one of two ways: keep the treats in a loosely closed bag and throw it in a cupboard somewhere, or dump everything into a bulky container that looks out of place everywhere—especially inside a house.

That’s why we are obsessed with these
Pet Treat Canisters, by Bone Dry that keep treats fresh and ready, while looking sharp on any kitchen counter. 


But don’t stop at storing food well, give pets a Food Bowl worthy of a place in your own cabinet. This bowl, by Park Life Designs, is easy on the eyes and sturdy enough to not flip over even if kicked by a visiting in-law at Christmas. 

Dog eating

Most breeds of dogs and cats require several hours of play each day to satisfy their inborn needs…Typically, this plays out in sprawling theater across the living room floor, hallways and shared family rooms throughout the house.

While some pet parents keep toys to a minimum to avoid stepping on one first thing in the morning, we believe a healthier solution is to keep baskets at hand for quick organization and storage of pet toys.

Organized Pet Play

This Tote Organizer has a clean appeal and can sit out in the open, by the door, or be tucked away into an open cubby. The flexible design makes it a versatile choice for any bright decor, and easy to schlep in the car if necessary.

For a more bohemian look that accompanies darker hued interiors and themes, try these stunning
Hyacinth Baskets, which look amazing whether on an open bookshelf, at the foot of the bed, or bookending the couch. 

BasketsAnd has spotted a few “stocking stuffer” toys to help fill those fancy bins. We believe play should be fun and clean for all involved—especially….


These 3 Holiday Pet Gifts top the list:

  • Few toys are as durable and elegant as this classic Dog Rope, by Max-Bone. 
    • The Hexagon Hol-ee Roller, by JW, dispenses treats and fits the bill for a non-squeaky game of fetch
    • This Maplestick, by Benebone passes the test for toughness and looks, plus it keeps a dog’s mouth healthy


    Our favorite Rope Leash, by Mile High Life, combines simplicity and quality to enhance every walk—plus it looks great in light brown!

    For the pampered pet that has it all, there’s always Louis Vuitton. This Collar is specially designed for small dogs and comes with a monogram canvas, with leather backing and an ID tag. Makes quite a statement.

    For 6 feet of perfect, Made in USA quality, try Highland Farm’s Premium Leather Dog Leash

    The Bone Toggle Collar, by wagwear, is hand-stitched in England with fine leather. For craftsmanship and style, nothing even comes close.



    Most pet parents already know exactly what holiday pet gifts their pets will love—we can only hope to inspire! But if you're shopping for a friend’s pet and have never bought any kind of pet gift before, just know it’s much easier, and often more rewarding, than buying a holiday gift for, say, a teenager. Pets are far more likely to love your gift! 

    Prior to purchase, however, we recommend learning a bit about the breed of animal you are shopping for. Some basic considerations when choosing the perfect pet gift include:

      • What are the typical size and weight of that breed? Most pet accessories use weight as a basis for sizing
      • Does this breed have specific characteristics regarding fur, coat, and personality? Some dogs are highly intelligent or bred for work; these breeds generally appreciate A LOT of toys

    Now with some basic facts about the pet you’re shopping for, it’ll be much easier to cross off those final names on your holiday gift list. 

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