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Fun Things To Do With Your Pet This Summer

Summertime means some fun in the sun and playtime for you and your pet! The summer months make it especially easy to bond with your fur baby because there are so many outdoor activities to choose from.

Here are a few tips to keep your loyal companions happily entertained with fun and family friendly ideas.

Go to the beach!

Pets love catching some rays at the beach too!  Yes, there are actual beaches that allow dogs. Just remember to check if there are any restrictions prior to heading out. You don’t want your pup to be disappointed!

Whether you have a dog who loves running down the beach similar to Baywatch or one of those lazy beach bums, your furry fluff of life will be rolling in the sand with joy! Be sure to come prepared. Just like you wouldn’t forget your sunscreen, make sure to pack your pup a beach bag with fetch toys, a water bowl, doggie bags, and of course a towel for your pup afterwards. Your car will thank you!  

If there are no beaches, take a hike!

Or a good old fashion road trip, whatever you and your pet fancy! Dogs big and small can be the perfect hiking companions. Couple it up or bring a friend and their pup too! Let your pups lead the way. Just keep in mind when it comes to the weather and how hot it may be. Before engaging your dog in any outdoor festivities, make sure you know your dog’s limits. Bring lots of H2O to keep your fur pal hydrated and keep in mind that If you need a break, your dog probably needs one too. Want to have more adventures? There are always those front pet-carry backpacks to put your pooch in! Now that is a way to make sure you get those extra steps in! 

Plan a family photo shoot!

Pick a theme, grab some fun props, set up your background, snatch your camera and capture that moment you will have fur-ever!

Woman and dog selfie

Set up a pool date!

Grab your pup and their best companion and introduce them to some cool down fun! If you do not have a pool, no worries! There is a quick fix! All you need is a dog approved kiddie pool for durability and a few sprinklers which will turn your yard into a splish-splash fun zone everyone will love. You will have a blast watching your dog jumping around like Air Bud while attempting to air bite the sprinkling water. HILARIOUS!

Make frozen treats together!

There is nothing like a cold pup-sicle on a hot summer day! We humans love to indulge on frozen treats and your dog will too, but our popsicles aren’t always safe to share with your pets. Our list of healthy dog treats are also good for humans! You can also try freezing their toys in ice, which could be a fun challenge and keep them busy as well as hydrated.

Have a picnic!

Your dog will definitely enjoy spending time with their two favorite things: you and food! Bring a lightweight dog blanket and head to the park for a fun picnic!

Finally, we need to maintain that summer body we have worked so hard for, right? That means your pups, too! With your dog enjoying all these summer-time fun activities, it is very important to make sure they are not just getting the left-over hot dogs and burgers but are getting what they need to live a healthy, active, and happy rest of the year!

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