How To Keep Your Dog Safe This July 4th

Summertime for humans is carefree and relaxing. More so than any other time of year, we can finally let our hair down. Sadly, for our canine friends, summer can sometimes be frightening. That's when the loud noises like intense thunderstorms and booming fireworks start. For these reasons, animal shelters seem to be more crowded and more dogs go missing in July - right in the middle of summer. 


We want you to have a good time this Fourth of July, and of course, we want your pup to follow suit! To help you get through this Independence Day, we’re sharing our tips for how to keep your dog stress-free, safe, and calm.

 1. Update their identification.

Let's start with the most necessary step - identification. This is a proactive action to take just in case your pup gets loose and runs off. Of course, it's something we hope doesn't happen, but at least you'll be prepared if it does. When dog collar tags are updated and your fur bud has an up-to-date microchip, finding them will be much easier. Check beforehand whether your dog's identification information is current and if not, contact your vet.

 2. Keep your dog on their normal diet.

Avoid giving your dog too many table scraps or tidbits from the grill. Any change in diet, even just for one meal, can give your pet diarrhea and indigestion. This especially rings true with older dogs who have more sensitive digestive systems. Also, keep in mind that certain foods such as onions, avocados, grapes, chocolate, and raisins can be toxic to your furry friend. Looking to give them a safe summer treat? There are quite a few healthy choices, such as carrots, blueberries, cucumbers, or seedless watermelon (remember to remove the rind beforehand). 

 3. Exercise your dog ahead of time.

Make sure your pup gets plenty of exercise before the July 4th festivities and fireworks get started. Getting most of their energy out earlier can encourage them to relax so they're not ready to take off when the fireworks go off. 

 4. Consider calming chews for dogs.

When your pooch is a bundle of nerves, calming supplements for dogs may reduce stress and anxiety. After you’ve tired them out with a long walk, a dog calming aid can further relax them and lower their blood pressure with natural ingredients. Once your pup feels more composed, they’ll hopefully be more likely to “go with the flow.”   

 5. Keep your dog inside.

It's best to keep your dog inside during Fourth of July celebrations. Make sure to bring them into the house instead of keeping them in the yard. Block out loud sounds and bright lights by keeping your pup in a room where they're comfortable, closing the blinds, and turning on the television or turning up some music. Also double-check that there aren't any open windows or screens that they would break or squeeze through. If they're crate trained, put them in their crate and cover it with a blanket to make them feel safe and secure. Be sure to check on your dog from time to time and show them lots of love and encouragement to reinforce their sense of security.

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