6 Reasons to Love Our Paw Kids Dog Beds & Play Mats

It all started with Paw Sports.

First, there were the baseball, tennis, football, and basketball dog beds. Aside from a real ball, these sports beds were the next best thing for pups. Then, we dreamed of even more fun memory foam dog beds where kids and pooches could play together! 

Our expanded Paw Kids line now includes six additional PupRug by Paw.com™ dog beds. In honor of those six whimsical treats, we’re giving you six reasons to love these multifunctional wonders! 

1. They’ll dress up any room of the house.

Ideal for the kids' room, playroom, basement, or anywhere else in the house for that matter these adorable dog beds are area rugs, after all. They can definitely be considered home decor, adding a pop of color and a fun vibe to any space. Just imagine your kiddo and favorite canine playing nicely on a red heart area rug in the playroom - what a sweet sight!   

2. They’re so versatile.

These area rugs aren’t just rugs. They’re also memory foam dog beds and play mats. Talk about a multi-purpose item! Your kids and their furry playmates have a nice comfy surface to hang out on together, and there’s no need to worry about anyone getting hurt. Plus, when the family fur bud wants to be around their human siblings, it’s the ideal dog bed. This brings us to our next reason!   


3. Your pup will love them, too.

Packed with human-grade memory foam, your dog will be plenty supported on this plush orthopedic dog bed. Don’t be surprised if you catch them snoozing with your little one after an especially exhausting play session!   

4. There’s something for everyone.

Depending on what your child is currently interested in, there’s probably a Paw Kids dog bed for that! If they’re not into sports or anything too cutesy, there are other rugs they might like. For instance, there’s a game controller rug for the gamer in your life or a car dog bed for your kid that’s into vehicles.

5. They’re durable for both kids and dogs.

Accidents happen. That’s why we make a machine washable dog bed cover! Cleaning is no problem when you have a removable cover, not to mention a protective foam cover that’s also waterproof. Then, everyone can play with confidence. No more worrying about that rug that you can only spot clean if something happens.  

6. The designs are just so darn cute.

There’s no other way to say it. These are some of the cutest area rugs you’ve ever seen. You’ll wish you had a unicorn or dinosaur play mat like these when you were your kid’s age!

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