Lost Dog Found 200 Miles From Home 5 Months Later

 Sassy the 6-year-old Pomeranian was in her fenced backyard in Bradenton, Florida going to the bathroom one evening in January with her three other doggie brothers and sisters. When the dogs' owner Barbara Dawson walked outside to call in her pups after about 15 minutes, Sassy wasn't anywhere to be found.

But, she couldn't have possibly run away it seemed as the yard was secured with high fences and no holes were found. 

"We believe somebody jumped the fence and got her," Dawson told the Miami Herald

Dawson immediately gathered her friends and family and fervently searched the neighborhood. She and family members posted to social media and also posted up missing flyers around the neighborhood.

Days turned into weeks and then months, but Sassy was still nowhere to be found. That is until June 17th when a Pembroke Pines Police Officer on his way to a call happened to spot the little dog on the side of the road in Pembroke Pines, Florida, over 200 miles away from the dog's home in Bradenton, Florida. 

Thankfully Sassy had a microchip, which linked back to the Dawsons. Two Days after Sassy's sixth birthday, the Dawsons got the good news about their lost baby. Barbara Dawson broke down into tears upon hearing the good news while on a trip to Tennessee.

After proving Sassy belonged to them, Barbara Dawson's 30-year-old daughter Joy Meeks drove three hours down to Pembroke Pines, Florida to pick up Sassy. The Pembroke Pines Police Department shared a touching photo on their Facebook (shown above) of Joy and her daughters reuniting with the beloved dog. 

When Sassy arrived back home sweet home, she was one happy camper–especially since she got to sleep on her mom's bed, which the dog is not allowed to do on a normal occasion. But, this was no normal occasion.

"I would call it a miracle," Dawson told the Miami Herald.

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