Making Your Dog Comfortable In Every Room

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or house, one thing is certain - a bedroom is not the only room with comfy places for a human to relax!


Most homes have at least a sofa or a recliner or two, and some have daybeds in dens. A lot of people like porch swings or hanging hammocks between trees, and if you’re the mansion type you might even have a fancy massage chair that lets you lean back and really relax.


Your kids probably have places themselves on the sofa. Besides, they’re kids. They can still handle lying or sitting on the floor.


But if you’re like far too many pet parents, then you have that one dog bed in the corner of the room where the dog’s primary caregiver sleeps, and that’s it. If your fur bud comes out to hang with the family, they use the floor.


So, how can you make your pup comfy in every single room of the house? Listen up!


Remember - Beds Aren’t Just For Bedrooms Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed  

Ideally, your dog should have their own bed in every room at home where the humans regularly hang out — living room, den, family room, basement, sunroom, etc. That way, they have a comfortable spot that they know is theirs plus they get to hang out with their favorite people.


Lying on the floor, especially if you have hardwood or tile, is difficult for them more so as they age. Probably the only dogs lucky in this regard are those with humans who haven’t redecorated since 1973 and so still have their three-inch pile shag carpeting in a mixture of orange, brown, and avocado. But really, dogs, if this describes your humans, you need to have a talk with them!


Luckily, there are stylish faux fur dog beds and runners these days and you don’t have to sacrifice style in your home. Add one of these next to the couch or at the foot of a human bed, and your pup is all set! Memory foam supports them while they relax, and the bed covers are removable and machine washable for easy maintenance.

 Make ‘em comfy even in the kids’ room.

Having a Paw Kids PupRug™ crosses off a few items on your home decor list - and it’s only one thing with multiple purposes! Since these adorable and colorful kids’ area rugs are also considered play mats and memory foam dog beds, they’re a bit hard to define. 


Although, it’s not hard to define the comfort that they’ll bring to your kids’ room (or any room of the home, really). Put one of these PupRugs™ down and you have an area rug, dog bed, and play mat ready to go! 


Since your kids love to get down on the floor and play with the dog, they’ll be comfortable on a nice cushy play mat. When your pooch wants to take a snooze, they can use it as a dog bed! And for those times when your dog is getting comfy in another room of the house, it still serves as a cute area rug. 


There are six designs available, so select what your kiddo (or your pup) might like. Win-win situation! 

Throw in a throw blanket!

Is there not enough floor space in the living room or bedroom for a dog bed? You can still make your dog comfy with this one easy trick.


Simply put a PupProtector™ Waterproof Throw Blanket on your furniture! These fashionable throw blankets protect the couch or bed while keeping your pooch cozy. Move them around easily whenever or wherever you need them, so comfort is a mobile concept!


You’ll want one in every room of the house because, like you, your dogs deserve to be comfortable wherever they are.


Add some comfort to the family room, game room, or man cave

Paw Sports Orthopedic Dog Beds


Why have boring-looking dog beds out where guests can see them when you can add some pizzazz and share your family’s tastes? This is where our Paw Sports orthopedic dog beds come in! Show your team spirit and mix up the designs, or even color-coordinate with each room.


These sporty beds come in the form of a football, basketball, baseball, soccer ball (otherwise known as a football outside of the U.S.), and tennis ball. They’ll provide a comfortable place for a dog to rest their bones and will accommodate any size dog.


The covers are removable and washable, and the durable, human-grade memory foam insert comes wrapped in a protective, waterproof foam cover in case of any accidents. The bottom is a rubberized, non-skid material that will keep the bed from getting kicked all over the place and the overall thickness of the bed is two inches.

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