Man & Dog Have Sweet Reunion After They Were Hit By Drunk Driver

Get your tissues ready. The video below shows the sweet moment a young man named Chance Patterson and his beloved dog Izzy were reunited for the first time since being hit by a drunk driver in a horrific accident. Patterson and Izzy are fortunate to be alive after the awful collision that sadly claimed the life of Patterson's other dog Carlitos. 

 According to Today, Chance Patterson had to work a double shift and had come to pick up his dogs Carlitos, a German shepherd, and Izzy, a pit bull, from doggie day care on a Saturday night. That night, he and the dogs were on the way home when a drunk driver crashed into them. 

The first thing Patterson remembers after the collision was asking about his dogs. A truck driver, who had witnessed the accident, rushed over to help. Chance, who was going in and out of consciousness, asked the truck driver "Are my dogs OK?"

The truck driver told Patterson that his German shepherd was killed but did not see another dog. Patterson asked the driver if he could go look for his other dog Izzy, but at the time she was nowhere to be found. 

Rescuers cut Patterson out of the vehicle and rushed him to the hospital. He was in bad shape with a lacerated lung, a broken leg, broken ribs, and a broken elbow. 

 People in the community made it their mission to find Izzy. This included the workers at the Vail Doggie Day Spa & Lodging where Carlitos and Izzy spent the day while Patterson worked the double shift on the day of the accident.

People had spotted her near the accident scene, but it was difficult to try and capture her as she would run and hide.

Nearly a week after the accident, a Vail Doggie Day Spa & Lodging employee went to where cyclists said they'd spotted Izzy hoping a familiar face would lure her out of hiding. It worked. Izzy ran up right up to the employee and Patterson was called to reveal the good news.

 Upon getting the call, Patterson began crying tears of joy. "I was so happy. I thought I'd lost both my dogs," he told Today. Patterson and Izzy were reunited a few days after Patterson got out of the hospital. The pair is staying at a friend's house until Patterson no longer needs a wheelchair. 

Remarkably, the dog had only a sprained toe and was elated to finally see her human dad. Before the crash, Carlitos was the dog who was attached to Patterson at all times. Now Izzy, who used to be very independent, has barely left her owner's side.  

 Written By: Ozzie

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