Stories from the Road with Your Pet

It’s no secret that a lot of people like to travel with their pets, and a recent survey by the pet travel site TripsWithPets showed that an amazing 78 percent of Americans who have pets take them along each year. 


Since 67% of American households have pets, that means a majority — 52.2% of them — are hitting the road with their fur kids.


Recently, took to Twitter to ask our followers the questions, “Do you travel with your pet? Where did you go? What adventures did you go on?” The answer to the first question was a resounding “Yes.”


As for the other two, the destinations and adventures were many and varied. Here is a collection of our favorite answers.

Putting the “go” in “doggo”


“I decided to do a big travel this year with my doggo Ace. I drove from Texas to Pennsylvania to visit family, which is a 24-hour drive. Along the way we stopped in a few states, such as Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.” — TeeBaby


Taking Chance


“Our two dogs have gone to at least 30 states with us, from traveling in a big truck to family vacations. One time our big truck lost a front steer tire. We had quite a bumpy ride until we got stopped. Chance blamed the road atlas and tore the map out for the state we were in.” — Shea B.


Sometimes “farm” is not a euphemism


“Taking our dog to the farm each week. He gets so excited and can’t wait to go.” — Amy T.


Don’t forget the cat


“I always travel with my cat. I would say he loves an adventure. To be able to explore the outdoors together is really fun and safe while he wears a harness/leash. He likes to watch the birds, climb trees, and walk in sand.” — Pris


Or two cats


“We spent two months traveling 12 states, with two cats. We occasionally stayed in a tent. We got a tent for the cats and it went surprisingly better than I expected. Our indoor cats didn’t like being in a tent during a storm.” — Heather




“Alyx travels by train to Central Park.” — Sandy F.




“We arrived at a friend’s lake house late at night. When I opened the car door, my dog ran out into the back yard and fell into the lake. It wasn't a good time to go swimming.” — Dave K.


Wild horses


“I took my dog camping on Assateague Island which has wild horses on the beach!” — Shawn S.


Simple solution


“Several years ago, we had a Sheltie named Renny. He was the sweetest boy but had issues with cars, so he would bark like crazy when we were driving. We put a blindfold over his eyes and problem solved!” — Matt D.


Not everyone travels well


“Unfortunately, the only time DJ gets in the car is for the vet or to get groomed. Car rides make her too nervous.” — Beth K.



Popular Destinations


If there were a running theme to the answers, it seemed to be that camping or going to a beach or lake were the most common destinations, so it looks like both our fans and their pets are some pretty outdoorsy types.


But it does show that traveling with your pets is a great way to remind them that they’re family and to do a little bonding on the road. Plus, they won’t feel left out if you don’t em-BARK on the adventure without them.

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