Dog Brings Toy to Pet Parents When They Take Showers To Comfort Them

Clark the mini Goldendoodle is a friendly dog who loves people, especially his owners Rebecca Weaver and her fiance. Though the happy pup generally loves everything, there is one thing that he strongly dislikes. Clark really hates baths. 

According to The Dodo, Clark's hatred for baths started last summer when Clark and his family moved into a new home with a porcelain bathtub.

"The bathtub is the bane of his existence," Rebecca told The Dodo


After Clark's first bath in the porcelain bathtub, he became convinced that none of his other family members like the porcelain bathtub either. So, whenever Clark's owners take a shower or a bath in the tub, Clark always tries to comfort them.

Every single time one of Clark's owners take a shower in the tub, Clark appears right outside the tub looking quite worried for them. He then goes to retrieve something that helps him ease his nerves when he has to take a bath in the tub – his favorite toy. 


"He wanders off and returns after a few seconds with his green toy and plops it in the tub, to which he immediately cheers up! It's all he has to give and he does it every time. He is so sweet."

"After he drops his toy in we offer it back and he won't take it, ever. We always tell him what a good boy he is and give him a pet." 

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Katelyn Buck

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