The Benefits of a Multipurpose Dog Blanket

Dog blankets are useful for every kind of dog, from puppies to seniors, in nearly every situation. They’re great for car rides, crating, bedding, and, of course, snuggling. When it comes to finding the paw-fect dog blanket, it’s good to know you can have one that’s both functional and stylish.


Whether you’re looking for something to protect your couch or your car seats, your dog will love a blanket of their own to stay comfy at home or when emBARKing on adventures. After all, a comfy dog is a happy dog!

PupProtector™ Waterproof Throw Blanket

Accidents happen – especially if you have a senior dog that suffers from incontinence, or a new puppy still learning the ins and outs of potty training. A blanket that both comforts your dog and protects your furniture is key for these stages. The PupProtector™ Waterproof Throw Blanket does just that and in style, too. 


This PupProtector™ Waterproof Throw Blanket was designed as a cozy and great looking option to protect your furniture from pet hair, dirt, spills, and scratching damage. The innovative pet blanket provides protection from pets while also serving as an attractive throw on your couch or bed. It’s also an ideal option for protecting your car seats while you travel with your furry friend! The internal waterproof lining provides extra protection against damage and stains, effectively preventing liquids from seeping through.


With plush faux fur on one side and ultra-soft microsuede on the other, your pup will nap in the lap of luxury. This ultra-soft blanket can also serve as a calming resting place for your dog to have somewhere to call their own when you go to work, which can help prevent separation anxiety.

 Brown Faux Cowhide Blanket

Because this is a quality throw with an elegant design, this multipurpose blanket can serve as a decorative blanket on couches, chairs, sofas, and beds. The blanket comes in multiple sizes, including king, which will keep your bed stylishly protected from pets. The fashionable and cozy pet blanket comes in many unique textures, from Grey to Brown Faux Cowhide, that blend seamlessly into any home decor. 


And best of all, this blanket is machine washable. Dogs are notorious for tracking mud into the house, and their bedding and blankets can be pretty disgusting at times. So it’s best to wash your pet’s blanket at least once a week. With the PupProtector™ Waterproof Throw Blanket, washing your pet’s bedding has never been easier. Simply throw it in the washer on a cold, delicate cycle and it will come out looking as good as new. 

Cool Comfort Waterproof Blanket 


As summer approaches, it’s also great to have a blanket option with more of a lightweight feel. Your furry friend will stay comfy in the summer and year-round with the versatile Cool Comfort Waterproof Blanket. Designed with the same waterproof internal lining as the PupProtector™ Waterproof Throw Blanket, the Cool Comfort Waterproof Blanket is crafted with shorter faux fur paw-fect for indoors and outdoors.


Your furry friend can cozy up on the couch, bed, patio, or in the car with this comfy, machine washable, and versatile blanket, which is all-season thanks to its lightweight feel. This can provide a cooler touch for hot summer days.

 Cool Comfort Waterproof Blanket

This blanket also doubles nicely as a convenient travel or camping blanket given its ability to easily fold up for storage. It can be thrown over couches, beds (or blow-up mattresses for those camping out) and also works well inside RVs and cars. 

Finding the right blanket that serves your and your pet’s needs doesn’t have to be ruff. Whether you’re looking for something stylish, functional, or comfy for pets, has you covered. You can pamper your pup and protect your furniture with many options to choose from.


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