Watch: Dog Hilariously Interrupts Live Television Broadcast

A Russian news live television broadcast was hilariously interrupted by a friendly black dog, who wandered on set quite excitedly. The anchor on Russia's Mir24 TV was in for a surprise when the dog suddenly popped up right next to her startling the anchorwoman, Illona Linarte, who tried to keep her cool, but eventually had to acknowledge the dog in the room. 


"I've got a dog here. What is this dog doing in the studio?" Linarte shouted in Russian to the crew offscreen.


"I actually prefer cats. I'm a cat lady," Linarte then told the audience. 


While Linarte may claim to be a cat person, the video above seems to show the anchor eventually being charmed by her unexpected canine guest when she pet him and gave him some affection. 


According to Today, the station followed up by saying the dog was on set with another show guest, but somehow ended up getting loose. 


Written By: Stevie

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