Watch: Dog Rescued From Treacherous Hurricane Harvey Flood Waters

An incredible rescue was caught on video showing a group of young men working together to rescue a dog that had gotten swept away by a current caused by the destructive Hurricane Harvey in Lumberton, Texas.

In the video, a young man is connected to a rope and wearing a life jacket before being lowered into the chest-deep water by a group of men holding on to the other end of the rope. The man then pulls Bandit the dog out of the rapids and back to safety. When Bandit is rescued, the group of rescuers let out a big cheer. 


According to Fox, the rescue occurred after a group of teenagers were trying to cross a bridge on an ATV when they got stuck. When one of the teens hopped off to push the ATV, Bandit followed and managed to get caught in the fast-moving current.


The video of the amazing rescue was posted by one of the rescuers on Facebook, where it has since garnered nearly 300,000 views.

Casey Fredrick, Bandit’s owner, posted to Twitter that she was “very thankful” to the heroes that saved her precious pup.


Fredrick also posted a video of Bandit “singing” and safe and sound after the rescue.


Bandit is doggone lucky to be alive thanks to the swift and heroic actions taken by the volunteer rescuers. 

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written by

Katelyn Buck

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