Woman & Beloved Dog Survive 6 Days In The Wild


A 71-year-old woman and her beloved dog remarkably survived six days in the wilderness in Washington. 

After the passing of her husband a few months ago, Sajean Geer wanted to honor him by scattering his ashes in one of his favorite places on earth. So, on July 18th, Geer took a urn with her husband's ashes along with her precious Chihuahua and Terrier mix Yoda to Olympic National Park in Washington. She had planned to spread her late husband's ashes at Obstruction Point located on the premises of Olympic National Park.

However, when she was looking for a place to lay her late husband to rest, Geer told KIRO 7 News  that she had gotten so overcome with emotion that she became disoriented and soon she realized she had gotten lost.

"I couldn't find my car, I couldn't find the road and I got really disoriented," Geer said.

The self-described experienced hiker did not lose hope just yet though. She remembered reading outdoor survival books that said to keep a positive mindset and a fighting spirit in order to survive. 

So, Geer decided to fight to survive with her pooch right beside her. She built a shelter made made out of moss and logs to keep both her and Yoda warm. The pair found a stream and would go to the stream at least three times a day for water. She even ate ants to survive as she remembered watching on television that ants are acceptable to eat. 

After six days, Geer was going to fetch water when she saw an Olympic National Park Service search team in a helicopter. Geer was reported missing by her friends and family and when her vehicle was shown on the news, a park employee reported seeing the car at the park.

Once Geer and her pup Yoda were rescued, they were examined and treated for dehydration and fatigue. Both are doing well today. The force was certainly with Yoda and her owner as they fought to survive together.

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Katelyn Buck

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