12 Adorable Dog & Cat Siblings

Happy National Siblings Day! Paw my gosh! It turns out cats and dogs can be friends after all! Check out these sweet cat and dog siblings who seem to be the best of friends.

1.) Two sleeping sweethearts

2.) Cuddle buddies for life 


3.) Awww

4.) Too cute

5.) This big feline found the purr-fect snuggle buddy

6.) This pair didn't let an obstacle get in the way of their cuddle session

7.) The cutest bunk bed you ever did see

8.) What an adorable trio


9.) When the pet owner saw their dog meeting with a stray cat every day, they took in the cat and the two have been inseparable since 

10.) These two cuties are too precious in their matching red bandanas 

11.) These sibs look like they can snuggle just about anywhere

12.) Giddy up dog


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Katelyn Buck

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