15 Dogs That Got Stuck In Weird Places

How many times has your dog gotten into shenanigans? Most will say practically every day and if only they had their phone to prove the hilarious mess their dogs find themselves in.


Luckily these owners and bystanders had pocket ready phones to capture the mischief:

1. Spy Dog Caught Midway In Fence

small dog Stuck in Fence

2. Can't Follow Me In Here!

Dog scared of Rumba

3. Must Meet The New Neighbor!

Dog Stuck in Fence

4. This Wasn't What We Meant When We Said 'Laundry Day'

Dog in Plastic Hanger

5. Doggo Stunning A Red Plastic Chair For The Summer Fashion Show

golden retriever stuck in Plastic Chair

6. Thirsty Dog Got Stuck In Root Beer Cardboard Box

Dog stuck in cereal box

7. This Maltese Just Wanted To Relax

Maltese dog caught in a hammock

8. Shiba In A Bush

Shiba Inu stick in a bush

9. Waking Up In The Toilet After A Ruff Night

gif of pug stuck in toilet

10. Doggo Stuck In A Cat Door

Dog stuck in cat door

11. A Woof Among Sheep

black lab stuck among a bunch of Sheep

12. Dog Only Wears What Suits Her

Dog stuck in shirt sleeve

13. CooCoo For Coconuts!

Dog on coconut tree

14. Dog Wears Couch As A Hat

Dog stuck under couch

15. This Dog Got Too Comfortable

Dog Stuck in Bed

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