7 Life Lessons Dogs Teach Us

We can learn a lot from our four-legged friends!  In fact, dogs teach us some of the greatest life lessons about love, friendship and more. Here are 7 incredible life lessons our pups teach us:

1.) Don't hold grudges



If we come home an hour or more later than usual, dogs won't be angry with us. Instead they will happily greet us, because they are happy and relieved to see us so why show anything otherwise? If we accidentally step on our pup's tail, they will let bygones be bygones rather quickly. On the other hand, humans hold grudges or feelings of resentment, which can often take a toll on their health. We should learn from our four-legged friends and forgive others to achieve a more sound piece of mind. 


2.) Be loyal


Dogs are pack animals, which means they stick with their pack and defend their pack. Their pack now includes humans and so they will stick with their humans and remain loyal and dependable creatures. We should take a page out of their book and be loyal, dependable and respectful to our fellow humans. 


3.) Be an active listener


Even though our pups may not understand or respond to what we tell them, they will sit and listen when we talk to them or vent about our horrible days. They sit there patiently and at times even attentively. Just being there for us is key. That's a true friend – someone that is there in good times and bad. 


4.) Take time to relax


Dogs know it's important to get rest. When they're tired, they'll lay down or take a nap. Humans tend to undervalue the importance of getting enough sleep or relaxation, but we should learn from dogs that rest will allow us to lead more productive and enriching lives. 


5.) Enjoy life


It's always nice to roll the windows down every once in a while and just have fun! Life is short so why not enjoy it right?


6.) Stay hydrated


Dogs drink whenever they're thirsty or when their bodies tell them they need water. It's a great reminder for humans to drink plenty of water and listen to the signs our body gives us.


7.) Love unconditionally 


Dogs don't care what you look like, what your IQ is, what kind of car you drive or how much money you have. They just want to love and be loved. They really are remarkable creatures in that sense. We live in a materialistic society that praises looks and money and is driven by extrinsic motivation. We should try to be more like canines and give out unconditional love. 


Written By: KeKe 



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written by

Katelyn Buck

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