10 Famous Cats on the Catwalk

In honor of International Cat Day (August 8th), we wanted to roll out the red carpet for some of the most famous cats in Hollywood!  

They’ve captivated us with their intelligence and humor. Some of them are so cute, we wish they were ours to snuggle with! Others are more elusive, but never cease to entertain us. 

From famous cartoon cats to cats in movies or TV shows, these 10 kitties are some of the most memorable!

1. The Cheshire Cat

(Image from d23.com)

If you have a “Cheshire Cat smile”, it means you have a smile spreading across your entire face! Funny how this wily ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cat became known for his infamous smile more than his mysterious tricks.

2. Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus

(Image from d23.com)

The first of two famous black cats on our list, Thackery Binx of the movie ‘Hocus Pocus’ is a boy from the 1600s - who got turned into a cat. His courage and helpfulness are why he’s such a memorable movie cat!

3. Tom of Tom and Jerry

(Image from IMDb.com)

Though Tom and Jerry have a complicated friendship as far as cartoon characters go, it’s sometimes hard not to feel bad for Tom. This gray cat engages in a quite literal cat and mouse game with a little brown mouse named Jerry, and receives some pretty brutal retaliation!   

4. Mr. Bigglesworth

(Image from cinemacats.com, courtesy of New Line Cinema)

Quite possibly the most famous hairless cat ever, Mr. Bigglesworth was featured in the ‘Austin Powers’ movies as the trusted feline friend of Dr. Evil, Austin’s nemesis.

5. The Aristocats

(Image from disneyanimation.com)

A favorite for kids, Walt Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’ follows main cat Duchess and her three adorable kittens. There’s no more spirited song in history about cats than the jazzy song “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”! 

6. Mr. Tinkles

(Image from warnerbros.com)

Mr. Tinkles is a gorgeous white Persian cat who constantly schemes ways to inconvenience canines. Although he’s the clear villain from the ‘Cats and Dogs’ movie, it’s comical that the humans in his life disregard his evil plans and force him to bathe and wear terrible cat costumes!    

7. Puss in Boots

(Image from dreamworks.com)

This orange cat from the ‘Shrek’ films is so cute, that no one can resist the charm of Puss in Boots’ eyes when he’s in serious begging mode!

8. Salem

(Image from interviewmagazine.com, courtesy of ABC Television)

Salem Saberhagen is a witty talking cat from the ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ TV show starring Melissa Joan Hart. He might look like an ordinary black cat, but he’s really a transformed warlock serving a punishment!      

9. Lucifer 

(Image from d23.com, courtesy of Disney)

Lucifer from ‘Cinderella’ is a housecat constantly chasing after little mice Jaq and Gus. He’s memorable not for his kindness or cuteness, but for being the conniving cat we’re rooting against!

10. Sassy from Homeward Bound

(Image from cinemacats.com, courtesy of Disney)

A beautiful Himalayan cat with the sass to match her name, Sassy is one of the heroes in the ‘Homeward Bound’ movies. She constantly points out the superiority of cats to dogs with the phrase “cats rule and dogs drool”!

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