New Puppy Checklist: 14 Must-Have Essentials

Welcome to the exciting world of dog parenting. As you embark on this joyful journey with your new puppy, it's crucial to be well-prepared for the experience. Our comprehensive 'New Puppy Checklist is designed to guide you through this process. 

From essential items like leashes and food to safety measures and healthcare needs, we've got you covered. Let's ensure a smooth transition for your adorable new family member into their forever home.

Pre-Puppy Purchases

Adjustable Collar

An adjustable collar is a must-have for your growing puppy. It ensures a perfect fit as your pup grows into adulthood, providing comfort and safety. Moreover, it's the ideal place to attach identification tags, which are crucial in case your furry friend ever gets lost.


A sturdy leash is essential for training your puppy and for daily walks. It provides control and safety outside and helps establish a bond between you and your new pup. Opt for a leash that is comfortable to hold and strong enough to withstand those excited tugs.

Food and Water Bowl

Food and water bowls are basic necessities for your pup. Choose sturdy bowls that are easy to clean and appropriately sized for your puppy. Non-slip bottoms can be beneficial to prevent spills, and stainless steel or ceramic options are typically more durable and hygienic.

Dog Food

Choosing the healthiest food for your puppy is crucial for their growth and health. Look for high-quality dog food that is age-appropriate, and if possible, stick to the same brand the breeder or shelter was using to avoid any sudden dietary changes.

Poop Bags and Portable Bag Holder

Poop bags are essential for responsible dog ownership. They allow you to clean up after your pup on walks, keeping public spaces clean. A portable bag holder can be attached to your leash for convenience, ensuring you're never caught without a bag when you need one.


A crate is a versatile tool that can serve as a safe space for your puppy and aid in house training. It's important to choose a crate that is large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Remember, the crate should never be used as a form of punishment but rather as a cozy den for your pup. For a better experience for you and your furry pal, try the Upgrade Your Crate Kit. It is a premium solution to enhance your pet's comfort while seamlessly blending into your home decor. This kit features a pressure-relieving memory foam base with a lifetime no-flat foam guarantee, ensuring enduring comfort and durability.


The kit also includes a waterproof liner for the memory foam base, an ultra-soft faux fur base, bolster, and crate covers that are removable and washable for easy maintenance. The unique U-shaped bolster provides much-needed neck and spine support for your pet. The plush faux fur crate cover, which can be fully zipped closed when the dog isn't inside or opened on two sides, adds a touch of elegance that effortlessly integrates with your home's aesthetic.

Dog Bed

A comfortable dog bed provides your puppy with its own space to relax and sleep. Look for a bed suitable for your puppy's size and easy to clean. Consider beds with removable and machine-washable covers for added convenience.


Regular brushing keeps your puppy's coat healthy, reduces shedding, and provides an opportunity for bonding. Choose a brush suitable for your puppy's coat type and length. Soft bristles are perfect for short-haired breeds, while long-haired breeds may require a slicker brush or undercoat rake.

Grooming Wipes

Grooming wipes are handy for quick clean-ups between baths. They help remove dirt, dander, and odors from your puppy's coat. Look for hypoallergenic wipes free from harsh chemicals for the best care of your puppy's sensitive skin.

Dog Treats

Treats are a tasty reward for your puppy and a powerful tool for training. Opt for healthy treats that are appropriate for your puppy's age and size. Always remember to give treats in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Training Treat Pouch

A training treat pouch is a convenient accessory for carrying treats during training sessions. It allows for easy access, helping to ensure timely rewards for your puppy's positive behavior. Choose a pouch that can be easily attached to your belt or pocket and is easy to clean.

Dog Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo is essential for keeping your puppy's coat clean and healthy. Look for a gentle, puppy-specific shampoo that won't irritate their skin or eyes. If your puppy has specific skin conditions, you may need a medicated shampoo recommended by your vet.

Carpet Cleaner

Accidents happen, especially with a new puppy in the house. A good carpet cleaner can effectively remove stains and odors, keeping your home fresh and clean. Choose a pet-safe cleaner that is non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals.

Dog Toys

Dog toys are an awesome way to keep your puppy entertained and engaged. Choose sturdy toys designed for puppies that won't break apart easily, as young pups tend to chew energetically. 

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    Services To Set Up in The Meantime


    Establishing a relationship with a trusted veterinarian is one of the first steps you should take as a new pet parent. Veterinarians offer a range of services, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and various testing procedures to ensure your puppy's health. 

    Some clinics even provide specialized services like orthopedic care and mobile house call services.

    Dog Trainer

    A professional dog trainer can be an invaluable resource in helping your puppy learn basic commands and good behavior. They use proven techniques to train your pup effectively, setting them up for a lifetime of good habits. Starting training as early as possible is advisable to lay a strong foundation.

    Pet Insurance

    Investing in pet insurance can reduce the financial burden of unexpected veterinary expenses. The best pet insurance plans cover wellness checks, illnesses, and emergencies, allowing you to use any vet you choose. Consider getting pet insurance while your puppy is still young and healthy to ensure comprehensive coverage.

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    Preparing for Your New Puppy

    Preparing for a new puppy encompasses more than just excitement and cuddles. It involves careful planning and getting essential items like an adjustable collar, leash, food, and water bowls, and more to ensure your pup's comfort and well-being. 

    Furthermore, it's important to establish relationships with professionals such as veterinarians and dog trainers and consider investing in pet insurance for future peace of mind. Remember, welcoming a puppy into your home is a long-term commitment. It requires time, effort, and a lot of love, but the rewards of companionship and unconditional love make it all worth it.

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